GK utilizes sand printing to provide an ultra-short delivery.

In-house CNC machining capabilities provide an one stop solution.

Soft tooling is also one of our options which provides wider solutions in larger quantities. 

Casting Simulation

We perform casting simulations to analyze flow and solidification. This process is important to make sure that the casting design is optimal and the casting will have no defects such as porosities, gas blows, shrinkages, etc.

Our engineering technology based on many years of experience in the casting field, makes us capable of creating an optimal casting design that directly connects to the high quality we provide.

Rapid Sand Mold Production
3D Sand Printers / Soft Tools

GK utilizes ten 3D sand printers worldwide, which are used to directly print sand molds without any conventional tools. This in-direct additive manufacturing process makes us capable of producing complex structure castings in an ultra-short lead time.

We also provide solutions with soft tools that could be used for larger quantities.

The combination of these 2 different methods, provides a high degree of flexibility.


GK produces castings in materials such as gray iron, ductile iron, HiSiMo iron, carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys. The know-how of these materials are based on both party's extensive experience in the casting field and connects to the high quality castings we are known for.

Materials: Gray iron, Ductile iron, Vermicular iron, HiSiMo, Ni-resist, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys.

In-house CNC Machining

GK has in-house CNC machining capabilities and supplies fully machined castings to our customers. Our machining capabilities help to supply parts even faster.

In-house Inspection

In-house inspection is very important for us to assure our products quality.


Dimension inspection: 3D optical scanners, tactile measurement

Internal inspection: Computer tomography (CT scan)

NDT: PT, UT, MT, Leakage test, etc.