About GK

Solutions for prototype castings worldwide

GK is the collaboration of two specialists: Kimura Foundry and Grunewald.

This collaboration has started in 2018 and developed to become an one-stop-solution for prototype castings worldwide. We provide the highest level of quality with wide casting solutions in aluminum, iron, and steel alloys. Our target is to become the fastest and most reliable part supplier providing casting solutions from the initial engineering till final machining.


Kimura Foundry located in Japan, is a pioneer in sand printing and produces iron and steel castings for prototype applications. Kimura has been supplying the global market with sand printing solutions for over 5 years and has become the leading company in this technology. Kimura has developed a patented artificial sand system which can be used on high temperature melting materials such as stainless steel and also can be efficiently recycled.

Grunewald located in Germany, is a foundry specializing in aluminum castings and CNC machining with cutting edge technology that can achieve a minimum of 2mm wall thickness. The low-pressure sand casting technology Grunewald has developed is used in many light-weight applications such as structural castings for automotive, aero-space and more. The engineering capabilities have helped customers in the initial designing stage, to develop a casting design that is performance-focused and also efficient in production.

The collaboration of Grunewald and Kimura creates a global one-stop-casting-solution for iron, steel and aluminum castings with ultra-short delivery. Production sites are in Japan and Germany.


Superior Quality + Global + Speed = GK